[upload a pic of yourself]



[upload a pic of your bae]





      What is this?

      This is a futuristic mixtape generator that uses AI to choose the best tracks for your relationship, based on the photos of you and your SO.

      How does it work?

      First you upload a photo of yourself, and then a photo of someone else (could be your partner, your crush, or anyone really). Then we run some computer vision on the photos to get descriptions of how you both appear, and use those descriptions to create the defining mixtape of your relationship!

      What happens to my photos?

      Nothing! We aren’t saving them anywhere, don’t worry.

      Who did this?

      The Black Tux. We make modern rental suits and tuxedos that actually fit—ordered online, and delivered to your doorstep for free.

      I hate my playlist!

      Hey, crafting the perfect playlist is an art form—and a tough one at that. Try using different photos, and see if you like the next version better.

      I love my playlist!

      Congratulations! Looks like you and your one-and-only are making sweet, sweet music together. We'll keep an eye out for our wedding invite.

      Flip the phone back!

      The Black Tux Presents...